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Criniere Family Home Renovation Project

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

by Justin Jeffries

I knew Charlie for a little over four years, and all I can say is that his prayers and constant encouragement to my family and me made a massive impact in our lives! He loved us so well! When I heard what happened to Charlie, I immediately wanted to do something because I know if the tables were turned, he would do something extraordinary for my family.

8 years ago Charlie and Megan bought a humble home in Kansas City to do life with their 10 kids. The house needed work when they moved, and they tried to do some renovations here and there to make it into a good living space for their growing family. However, they never made it very far down their list on their budget. Charlie was a dedicated public school teacher to impact the next generation, not to make a big bank account.

However, just a few weeks before Charlie died, he was getting really serious about getting some projects done around the house! He had numerous contractors over giving estimates, and Megan and he were again dreaming together of what could be. But then tragedy struck...

Once I heard what happened, I was moved with deep compassion to fulfill Charlie's dream to give his children a place where their most precious memories could take place. So I began calling around to different contractors and seeking to build a team that could completely renovate this home to make his dreams a reality. Just imagine if we could do an 'Extreme Home Makeover' for the Criniere Family!

So far a roofing company put a new roof on the house for free - Amazing!!!

Below is a video we put together showing you what else needs to be done, followed by a practical list of how you can get involved.

A quick look at the new roof

Criniere Family Extreme Home Makeover
Download PDF • 4.42MB

If you are a contractor that would like to get involved in any of these projects or you would like to donate specifically to one of these, you can contact me at 913-286-3020

- Justin Jeffries

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