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Family Devotions with Charlie

Updated: Aug 1

by Eliya Criniere

This past week my sister and I were reminiscing about our bible times with our dad. If you knew anything about my dad, you would know he loved the bible. His life's passion was getting in the word and sharing it with others.

We tried to have nightly bible studies as a family. Maintaining a consistent routine for our Bible times was difficult, especially because of the daily demands of work, school, and other activities. But no matter what happened in the day, we always tried to get before the Lord.

When our dad said, “Time for Bible,” we knew the drill. He would say fifteen minutes, and we would start our watches and timers. Forty-five minutes later, he would usually say something like, “Just getting started” or “Now, let's actually start.” At the time, these moments were dreaded, but now we are all so grateful that we got those opportunities. I am so grateful for my dad's passion for the Bible and commitment to studying it with us.

Even though it was sometimes difficult to find the energy to participate in these nightly bible times, I now recognized the importance of spending time with the Lord. We are all now able to look back on those moments with gratitude.

Our dad's dedication to spending time with the Lord and sharing it with us is a testament to his faith and his love for God. As we reminisced, my sister and I realized that those Bible times with our dad strengthened our faith and our family bond. We laughed, cried, and learned together; those memories will stay with us forever. Our dad's example of prioritizing God's word has influenced our lives, and we hope to pass it on to future generations.

- Eliya

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