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Charlie - The Math Lover

Updated: Aug 1

By Eliya Criniere

As finals approach, I’m reminded of where I was a few years ago - studying for a college algebra final at just 16 years old. Sounds stressful, right!?! But I had the best tutor in the world - my dad. He was a math teacher who would stop whatever he was doing and rush to my side whenever I needed him. He spent countless hours explaining the concepts to me until I finally got it. He valued family so much more than anything else.

My dad wasn't just focused on helping me pass the exam; he wanted me to actually enjoy math too. He used different teaching methods and made sure I understood the concepts. Thanks to him, I developed critical thinking skills that have been super helpful in my academic journey.

On one particular day, my dad was his usual goofy self, cleaning and cracking jokes while trying to help me. While I was annoyed that he kept getting distracted, watching him be so goofy was well worth it. He always made me laugh and relax, even when I was frustrated or nervous.

Looking back, I realize that our study sessions were more than just about math - they were about creating memories that I’ll always cherish. As I gear up for this year’s finals, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have such a supportive family who always got my back and created memories that I’ll always cherish. They are my motivation and inspiration. And even though I’ll never get those times back, they will always stick with me.

- Eliya

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