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Criniere Extreme Home Makeover Update #4

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Pushing to Get the Exterior Done!

- Ryan Corrigan

UPDATE: The Privacy Fence Has Been Installed!!!! Now We Are Praying for the Sod!

Check out the new page dedicated to the project. Megan has been absolutely stunned by the ongoing efforts by the community to do an extreme home makeover for the family. Their home has always needed a lot of work, and Charlie always dreamed about making it a great place to raise their growing family, but they never had the funds to make it a reality. But now, his dreams are coming true because of the community's generosity. After Charlie passed away, over 20 companies and many individuals rallied to make this possible! Many of these projects were made possible by donations from people like you. Thank you so much! Since our Last update, we wanted to let you know that the Privacy Fence has been installed, and we have received a donation to build an outdoor shed! However, the company that pledged to do the sod in the yard has backed out. The Kansas City area has been in a drought, which has strained the sod business. However, we just had a really encouraging conversation with a new landscape company that is very interested in taking on the project! Please pray for this sod to get laid so Megan doesn't have to deal with the dirt and mud anymore! So far, Megan has not had to use any of her own money for this project! Incredible! Let's keep that going! Next, we need about $700 for a secondary outdoor shed for Megan's trash can's (since we are finishing her garage into a living space).

Here is an updated list of everything that has been done.

  1. A brand-new roof was installed (

  2. Her old driveway and two back patios, and two retaining walls were removed (

  3. Old shake shingle siding was torn off by people from Grace Point Church (

  4. A massive dumpster for demolition was donated (,

  5. Garage doors were removed, and the exterior wall was finished with windows (to finish the garage into a living space) (

  6. Twenty-six windows and two sliding glass doors were donated and delivered within one week (normal lead time was 6-8 weeks) (

  7. Windows and new sliding glass doors were installed (

  8. A lot of electrical work was done to add floodlights around the house (, (

  9. A Ring doorbell system was donated and installed

  10. A porta-potty was donated for the construction workers

  11. Brand-new vinyl siding was installed (

  12. Backyard lower patio with pave stones and a band new retaining wall was installed (, (

  13. A massive amount of overgrown shrubs and an old fence were torn out of the backyard. (

  14. The front yard was graded and prepared for a new circle driveway (, (

  15. A massive concrete circle driveway was installed (,(,

  16. A mini-split HVAC system was donated for the garage conversion into a living space. (,)

  17. A brand new furnace and AC unit for the home were donated and installed. (

  18. There was a sewer line repair (and a scheduled replacement) (

  19. A company donated a really high-quality concrete sealant for the new driveway (

  20. Outdoor drains have been added around the house to mitigate standing water (

  21. Massive truckloads of dirt were donated for grading. (

  22. The backyard was professionally graded. (

  23. A beautiful deck was built by Doug Fields, the deck guy (

  24. Privacy Fence Materials were Donated - (

  25. Backyard concrete - a deck sidewalk, a shed pad, a pool pad, and a new lower patio pad. (

  26. A sprinkler system was installed and paid for by donations from individuals - $7,500

  27. Money for the materials and labor has been donated to build a really nice 12x16 outdoor shed!

Beyond this list, there have been permits pulled and paid for and hours and hours of planning and coordination.

Here is an updated flyer with the remaining materials cost we are seeking to raise:

Priorities are:

  1. Pray the sod will get done!

  2. $700 for a small secondary outdoor shed

  3. $12k for the garage to living space remodel

  4. New Flooring or refinishing the flooring

  5. Paint

Extreme Home Makeover Criniere Home v4
Download PDF • 4.49MB

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