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KCPD Adopts the Criniere Family for Christmas

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sgt. Jon Rivers of the Kansas City Police Department with the Criniere Family

On August 27th, Sgt Jonathan Rivers was the police officer who drove to the Criniere family home and told Megan that Charlie had been killed in a cycling accident.

Sgt. Rivers showed up again at the Criniere family home in early November, asking for a detailed Christmas list for all the kids.

“This one really struck home for me,” Kansas City, Missouri, Police Sgt. Jonathan Rivers said. ”The police department as a whole wanted to do something for this family.”

On December 23rd, Rivers and others from KCPD gathered up a truckload of Christmas presents to give to Criniere’s family. Police took up donations from across the division, with Price Chopper making a donation to help the family purchase groceries. “Today is about giving back to a family that has lost a loved one,” Rivers said. “This was a group effort.”¹

Local news stations covered the story.

Check out the videos below:

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