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The Life of Charles Criniere Episode 3 - The Early Years

Updated: Aug 1

The Video Series on the Life of Charles Crineire

In this episode, Eric Criniere recounted his childhood memories of growing up with his brother, Charlie Criniere, in Albany Park. Their early years were relatively normal until their mother's mental health began to deteriorate. Eric vividly remembers how he would wake up and their mother was not herself . Eventually, their parents divorced, and their mother relocated to New York while they were still very young.

Left to be raised by their single father, who worked early in the morning and was often away when they woke up, Eric and Charlie had a lot of freedom to go wherever they pleased without supervision. Unfortunately, Charlie began to display increasingly aggressive behavior as time went on.

Despite the challenges they faced at home, sports served as a healthy escape for the two brothers. Charlie, in particular, excelled in sports and was well-known in the neighborhood, providing him with unique opportunities.

Despite the hardships of their childhood, Eric shares an inspiring story of how Jesus transformed Charlie's life, offering hope and redemption to a once troubled soul.

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