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Criniere Life | Fun Family News | January 2023

Updated: Aug 1

by Megan Criniere

Ava | Maria | Gloriana
Ava | Mariah | Gloriana

We started off January with lots of activity and feel as though we are entering into new things on every side. House projects continue to progress, and we stand in awe of how this has all unfolded right in front of us without having to orchestrate any of it. I am learning how to adjust and navigate through this season and find out what normal is supposed to look like now that Charlie is gone.

I am grateful for the grace Jesus gives me every day and thankful for the community of people God has placed us in that supports us in every way imaginable. My children are on a learning curve as well but have seemed to keep in step with the schedules and routines we have always had as a family. In some ways, it's a great comfort to stay in stride and keep moving forward, and in some ways, it accentuates the loss that we feel without Charlie being in the midst of those normal daily moments.

Yet in all the different emotions we have experienced in the last 6 months, I am realizing that life is different, but it is still so good; it is still worth living and enjoying, and I know Charlie wouldn't want us to live any other way but to the fullest. So here's a little taste of all the good that's going on in our busy household.

  • Eliya has been working on dual enrollment classes for high school and college credit. This semester was her first class on campus instead of online, and she's taking Chemistry!

  • Mariah is in the middle of her gymnastics competition season. We just came back from a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, where she placed in three of the four events and placed 2nd all around for the gymnasts in her level.

  • Justice finished up his football season with a team football banquet, where he won the Patriot Award for being a player with great character and leadership.

  • Gloriana keeps busy with school, baking, babysitting, and practicing her volleyball skills.

  • Ava is exploring new hobbies and making new friends in this season. She is very artistic, and I often find her cutting and gluing, and painting something; usually, it's something she is making as a gift for someone else.

  • David had a belated birthday party this month. He had a houseful of friends over for a Fortnite party, complete with a nerf gun Battle Royale in our backyard.

  • Hope is smart and works hard on her reading skills every day; she loves to learn and picks things up fast.

  • Jubilee and Caleb are always on the move and keep us all very busy. They get into lots of trouble together, and we spend a lot of time cleaning up things that they undo and wouldn't have it any other way. We celebrated Jubilee’s 4th birthday with donuts and roller skates, and her first bike! Caleb has transitioned out of his crib and into a twin bed of his own. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of staying in bed at bedtime, but he’s making progress! Grateful for a million little moments that I get to share with these big and little people. There are so many things to be grateful for.


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