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Encountering the Different Facets of God

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A Devotional By Megan Criniere

Encountering God is more than enough through the different seasons of life. Over the years, God has revealed Himself to me in different ways. Like facets of a diamond that shine when light hits them, I've experienced the revelation of who God is as He shows me Himself through the illumination of His word.

In my teen years, He showed up as my savior; he reached into my world and saved me from sin and self-destructive ways that injured me and others. He washed me clean and gave me a new heart and life; I was forever transformed.

In the years to follow, my heart was changed little by little as I grew in my understanding of who God was. My heart was alive, but I struggled to receive his love freely. I was still trying to be good enough on my own. A season of temptation followed, and I fell away from God. I wrestled with my brokenness and tried to be enough, not understanding this is exactly why He showed up as Savior - because I couldn't do it on my own! I needed Him to do it for me!

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